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Chapter Three - Part One

The savage, primordial beast in Buck continues to grow, but he hides it from the others, in order to achieve cunning control. He avoiding fights picked by other dogs and never picks his own. Spitz, in contrast, goes out of his way to bully Buck, who is seen as a rival. Early in the trip, the group faces a particularly bad snowstorm, and is forced to camp on the ice of a frozen lake. Buck snuggles down into a warm spot, and is reluctant to leave it to get his dinner. He does leave the spot, however, and is infuriated to find Spitz in his nest when he returns. Though Buck has put up with the dog's bullying in the past, this intrusion proves to be the last straw. He leaps on Spitz, to the surprise of every other animal and the two masters. Francois cheers Buck on with glee. Spitz is as eager as Buck is to fight, and the two dogs begin to circle. While they start the fight, a large group of starving huskies happens upon the group, led by the smell of food. Perrualt's club makes contact with a gaunt body, but the dogs are relentless, and fight back. They are crazed with hunger, and cannot stand the smell of food. The wild dogs discover the grub box and eat everything they can. The team dogs leap up to fight, but are "set upon by the fierce invaders." Buck is shocked - he has never seen such skeletonal animals. The dogs, though little more than skin and bone, are driven by an intense hunger, and, greatly outnumbering the team, prey on them. Cries ring out from the team as the stray dogs inflict bloody gashes and broken bones. A large, bloody fight ensues, and Buck discovers that the taste of blood makes him even fiercer. Spitz seizes the opportunity to attempt to further attack Buck but Buck realizes that he would have no chance of survival if he hits the ground, and braces himself against the attack. Finally, the team flees to the woods, spending the night whimpering and assessing their wounds. Though all are bloodied, some are extremely wounded; Joe has lost an eye, Dolly's throat is torn, and Billee's ear is shredded. The next day, they limp back to camp to find the other dogs gone, along with half of the food, the leather harnesses, and even Perrault's moccasins and Francois' leather whip.
After repairing the torn harnesses, the group continues along the trail, though the two men worry that the dogs will go mad after the encounter. Additionally, the trail ahead of them is the toughest yet, further worrying the team. They are forced to cross thirty miles of frozen river, and Perrault falls through several times, saved only by the pole he carries. With each spill, he must stop, start a fire, and dry his clothes in order to survive. He remains undaunted, however, which is why he has been chosen for the important government job. At one point, the sled breaks through, and Buck and Dave are drenched and nearly frozen to death before they are pulled out. The fire built to keep them alive singes their skin as they run around it. Not long after, Spitz breaks through the ice, and pulls all the other dogs up to Buck in with him. Buck's strength and resoluteness keeps the entire team from falling in. Next, the ice breaks around them, and the entire team is forced up a cliff. By the time they reach better trail, the entire team is tired and ready for a rest. Perrualt has other plans, however, pushing them even harder for the next few days to make up for lost time. Buck is particularly weary, as his feet have been softened by generations of idleness. Each night, though famished, he is too tired and pained to get up and receive his food, and so Francois has to bring it to him. The man also rubs Buck's weary feet, and fashions his own moccasins into shoes for Buck. Each morning, Buck comically lies on his back and waggles his feet in the air waiting for his shoes. Eventually, after his feet adapt to the trail, the shoes are discarded.

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