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Chapter Seven - Part Four

Buck is, indeed, full of rage. He runs at their heels, scattering them across the land. A weary Buck, meanwhile, returns to camp, and finds Pete dead in his blanket. He smells Thornton's struggle on the ground, and takes in every detail until the trail ends at the water. Skeet lies dead in the water, faithful to his master until the very end. Hiding under the surface of the muddy water is the master himself, though Buck cannot see him. His trail leads to the pool, but never reemerges.
Buck spends the day mourning. He knows his master is dead. He experiences an intense ache, a hunger to be with Thornton. Sadly, the hunger cannot be satiated. Buck thinks back to his kills of the Yeehats, and is strangely proud of himself. He has killed man, the strongest prey of all. Man is who taught him the law of club and fang, yet he has killed man so easily. He sniffs their bodies and marvels at himself. He will no longer be afraid of man, except when he holds the club, or arrow, or spear that can kill him.
Night comes, and it is a full moon. Buck is aware of a stirring in the forest, and he stand up, sniffing the air. In the distance, he hears soft yelps, which eventually become a chorus of many. They are familiar sounds, lurking somewhere in his memory, and they are more compelling than ever. With John Thornton dead, he is ready to obey the call. He has no more ties to humanity; he is no longer bound to mankind.
The wolf pack has finally made its way to Buck's region, and they pour into the clearing where he stands, lit by the silver moonlight. Their stillness is broken when a bold animal leaps at Buck. Instantly, Buck breaks the animal's neck. Three others try and are unsuccessful, yet their failures do not stop the pack from circling in on their prey. Buck's intelligence and quickness serve him well, however. He spins around, goes back and forth, fighting off animals at every turn. He makes his way up to a protected bluff, securing his position until the wolves draw back. They are all tired, their tongues lolling about. One lean, gray wolf advances, friendly, and Buck realizes that it is his wild brother. They touch noses. An older wolf then also comes forward, and Buck, is, at first, threatened. He then sniffs noses with this wolf, as well. The old wolf sits down, lifts his nose to the air, and lets out a long, low howl. The others join, and Buck is overwhelmed by the chorus. He lets out his own howl, and accepts the friendly sniffing of his new family. As they run into the forest, Buck runs along with them.
This ends the story of Buck. Soon, the Yeehats notice a change in the appearance of the wolves in their home - these wolves have a bit of brown on their heads and a splash of white on their chests. More importantly, they tell a tale of the Ghost Dog, who leads the pack. They have nothing but fear for the Ghost Dog, who is smarter than they, more cunning than they, and able to steal from them. Hunters in the area sometimes never return to their camps, and the tribesmen find them with their throats slashed open and wolf prints surrounding them. Each fall, the Yeehats travel to hunt moose, but they never enter a certain valley, the valley where the Evil Spirit dwells.
Each summer, a unique wolf unlike any other wolf enters the valley. He goes to the camp where gold flows freely from moose-hide sacks, now overgrown with wildflowers. The wolf howls and mourns there, and sadly departs. The wolf is not always alone, though. He can be seen in the pale moonlight, leading his pack, leaping above the other animals. He sings out, leading the song of the pack, the call of the wild.

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