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1. :Baron Von Steuben - Revolutionary War General
2. The Olmec Civilization
3. The Presidency of FDR
4. Agrarian Discontent
5. Early 1900s in N. America
6. History of the Panama Canal
7. Manhattan Project and the A-Bomb
8. Fame
9. The U.S. Entering World War II
10. U.S. Soldiers After World War II
11. Civil War - Monitor vs. Merrimack
12. Why the North Won the Civil War
13. General Sherman and the Civil War
14. History of the Black U.S. Soldier
15. Economics in Colonial America
16. Spanish Influence in the New World
17. First and Second Reconstructions
18. U.S. Foreign Policy, late 1800s
19. Salem Witch Trials
20. The Great Depression
21. History of Labor in America
22. The Temperance Movement
23. Thomas Jefferson
24. Keynesian Theory and the New Deal
25. Causes of The Great Depression
26. The Manhattan Project
27. The American Civil War
28. Growth of New York, 1825-1860
29. Events Leading To The American Revolution
30. Events Leading To the American Rev.
31. The Articles of Confederation
32. 1900's
34. The Republican Ideology and the American Revolution
35. The Sedition Act of 1798
36. Ticonderoga and Crown Point
37. Writing the US Constitution
38. Slavery in America in the late 17th century, was the direct
39. The Contenders:
40. The Klan Unmasked
41. Culture
42. The Seminoles
43. The Trail Of Tears
44. The Alamo
45. Home:United States Foreign Policy Near The End Of The
46. America In The Early 19th Century
47. Immigration: History
48. Indian Removal Act Of 1830
49. Andrew Jackson
50. Salem Witch Trials
51. Common Sense and the Self-Refutation of Skepticism
52. Motives for European Colonization
53. Immigration to the Americas
54. African Diaspora In the New World
55. American Republican Ideology
56. Baron von Steuben
57. Causes of the Revolutionary War
58. Farmers' Discontent in the 1800s
59. Early 19th Century America
60. Presidency of Andrew Jackson
61. Economic View of Slavery
62. Effects of the American Frontier
63. The Presidency of Andrew Jackson
64. The Truman Doctrine
65. Handling the Great Depression
66. Effects of the Great Depression
67. The Immigration Experience
68. Analysis of the Red Scare
69. The Titanic - History of a Disaster
70. Anti-Vietnam Movement in the U.S.
71. Progressivism and its Effects
72. John Fitzgerald Kennedy
73. Articles of Confederation
74. New York Times vs. U.S. (1971)
75. State of Texas vs. Johnson (1989)
76. History of the American Drug War
77. The Infamous Watergate Scandal
78. The Life of Benjamin Franklin
79. Biography of Henry Ford
80. Biography of Robert E. Lee
81. Famous People of the Civil War
82. Black Soldiers in the Civil War
83. Western Expansion of the U.S.
84. 1970's
85. American Education
86. POLITICAL EVENTS: 1803 was probably one of the most important year in the
87. The Aztec Indians, who are known for their
88. The Civil War
89. Civil War Battle
90. The Civil War
91. Why The North Won The Civil War
92. Home:William Tecumseh Sherman: His March To The Sea
93. Pre-Civil War New Orleans
94. Great Leaders
95. The American Scar: Slavery
96. The Charging Of Fort Wagner
97. The War Between the States was the heyday of American
98. The First and Second Reconstructions
99. Why The North Won The Civil War
100. Why The North Won The Civil War
101. 1775-1900: the History of the Black Soldier
102. Age of Exploration
103. Institutions Imposed On the New World During Spanish
104. Monetary Reward As A Motivating Factor of Spanish
105. Pilgrims
106. Puritan, Cavalier, and Frontier Cultures' Contributions To
107. Puritans
108. Reasons For English Immigration To the North American
109. Spanish Settlement of the West
110. The African Diaspora In the New World
111. the Age of Exploration
112. British's Change In Colonial Policy
113. The Colonial Currency, Prices, and Exchange Rates
114. The Hopi Native Americans
115. The Regulators of North Carolina: Outraged Opressors
116. The Seminoles
117. The Spanish Debate On the Americas
118. Colonial History
119. Colonization and Nation Building
120. Feudalistic Culture In the Southern Colonies
121. The Story Of Coca Cola
122. Evaluating North American Health Systems
123. Immigration & Americas Future
124. Labor In America
125. National Rifle Association
126. New York Times Co. Vs. United States (1971)
127. Roosevelt's New Deal Versus Hoover's Societal Vacuum
128. State of Texas V. Johnson (1989)
129. Terrorism In the United States
130. The 1960's
131. Corporate Development During the Industrial Revolution
132. The Accomplishments of the Clinton Administration
133. The Bay of Pigs Invasion
134. The Clinton Health Plan
135. The Crime of the Century: the Rosenberg Espionage Case
136. The Drug War
137. The Great Depression of 1922
138. The Great Presidential Races
139. The Immigrant Experience
140. Corporate Development During the Industrial Revolution
141. The Jfk Assassination:
142. The New Deal
143. The Red Scare
144. The Republican Ideology and the American Revolution
145. The Sixties
146. The Temperance Movement
147. The Titanic
148. The Twenties
149. The United States Antiwar Movement and the Vietnam War
150. The United States Penal System
151. Depression of the 1930s
152. Environmentalism In the Sixties
153. Federal Food Stamps
154. Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal
155. Hoover Vs. Roosevelt:
156. A Synopsis of the U.S. Constitution
157. Freedom
158. Judges
159. Marbury V. Madison
160. Anonymous Juries
161. Mitchell vs. Wisconsin
162. Business Fights the Clinton Administration's Proposed Data
163. A case for the connection of America's colonial and
164. Direct Democracy: Political Imperative, Practical
165. Essay On Slavery
166. The Inuit People: A People Preserved By Ice
167. The War On Drugs
168. Titanic
169. The Truman Doctrine
170. The Cuban Revolution
171. The CRITIQUE OF THE PANAMA CANAL: the Crisis In Historical
172. The Peasantry and the Urban Underground In the Cuban
173. Transportation In the 19th Century
174. Andrew Carneigie
175. Crazy Horse
176. Ferdinand Magellan
177. First Female in the L.A.P.D
178. Frederick Douglass' Name & the Duality of His Nature
179. George Meade
180. John Bufford was one of the key reasons why the Union won
181. John C. Calhoun and His Defense of Liberty
182. Review of Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
183. Tex Rickard: the Story of His Life.
184. Slavery and the Underground Railroad
185. Causes of the American Civil War
186. Rise of Democracy in South America
187. Pearl Harbor - Brief Look
188. Judaism's Modernization in America
189. Analysis of Roosevelt's "New Deal"
190. Fort Pillow Attack
191. Assassination of JFK
192. The Aztec Empire History
193. For the White Man, Of the White Man, and By the White Man
194. American Revolution
195. The New Immigration
196. Kent State University Incident: The End of the Innocence
197. The Rail Center of the Nation
198. Red Scare America 1920
199. The Conflict over the Star Wars Defense System
200. The Rough Riders
201. The Townshend Act
202. Vietnam War Memorial: Powerful Granite
203. Voice of Houstons Past
204. Whiskey Rebellion


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