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  • Great Basin Indians
  • The Age of Exploration
  • Westward HO!-- collection of links on Westward Expansion and lesson ideas.
  • All Aboard!
    TOC: Introduction||Discovery and Invention in the Yosemite||The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone|| The West in Railroad Advertising||Conclusions||Notes and Further Reading.
  • WestWeb: Western History Resource-- Syllabi and Other Teaching Resources
  • Madison: A Model City
  • U.S. Indian Policy: 1830-1890
  • Letters From An American Farmer
    J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur.
  • Gallery of the Open Frontier
    An image library of photos, paintings, and drawings on American Western history.
    A brief history of the tribe in the years prior to the War
  • Making a Folsom Point
  • American Cowboy Magazine - The spirit of the west
  • NPG: Exhibitions
    Index page of current and past exhibits
  • 1846: Portrait of the Nation
    "On August 10, 1846, the act establishing the Smithsonian Institution was passed by Congress and immediately signed into law by President James K. Polk. In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of that event, this exhibition looks back at the America of 1846."
  • Anasazi
    A diary of excavations.
  • The Digital Scriptorium, Special Collections Library, Duke University
    Professor Peter Wood's Native American History class (HST 119). Topics include: A Nation Apart: The Cherokee Nation in Indian Territory 1839-1907, Education of Native Americans: Hampton Institute 1878-1923, Settling Amongst the Indians in Texas, The Dakota (Sioux) War: A Closer Look at the Conflict, Christianity and the Indians: Protestant Missions to the Native Peoples of North America, Native American Education: Documents from the 19th Century, The T.S. Jessup Papers: Multiple Perspectives During the Second Seminole War, Native American Photographs from the Jackson Collection and the Myth of the Vanishing Indian.
  • Native American Cultural Resources on the Internet
  • The Mormon Pioneer Story
  • Pioneer and Colonial American Links
    A simple listing with no graphics or annotation, but very useful.
  • People and Climatic Change Index
    How Environmental Transformations on the Great Plains Have Affected Human Cultural Development. See the Teachers Page for lessons and resources.
  • Welcome to the Mayflower Web Pages!
    Showing "... full texts of early Plymouth writings, from Mourt's Relation (1621), Of Plymouth Plantation (1630), Good News from New England (1624), Hypocricie Unmasked (1646), New England's Salamander (1647), many 17th century Pilgrim letters, and other contemporary documents. There are links to every Mayflower passenger--even those which do not have descendants, providing what biographical information is known about them. There are sections about the girls and women who came on the Mayflower, the clothing worn by Pilgrims, the history of the ship Mayflower, the history of the Thanksgiving holiday, among many other sections."
  • Millersville University-Columbus and the Age of Discovery
    Features "...a text retrieval system containing over 1100 text articles from various magazines, journals, newspapers, speeches, official calendars and other sources relating to various encounter themes." Titles are grouped alphabetically and the full text is available online.
  • AC/History 373 - American West
    Survey course page on the history of the American West. The Syllabus lists web sites by topic and week according to the lecture schedule.
  • American History, Page 1, Spanish Conquest of Native America
    Links to: The Conquest of America, The Cherokee People of the Mountains, Spanish Conquistadors in North America, De Soto's Trail Thru Florida - Part 1, Part 2 (Most Maps) and Part 3, DeSoto's Trail Thru The Southeast - Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 + Map, The Final Report of the Official Commission, Calendar of De Soto's Lunar Activity + Map, Future Articles about DeSoto's Trail + Links.
  • Native American Documents Project
    California State University, San Marcos. Documents about the history of federal policy concerning native peoples.
  • Historic Atlas Resource - North America
    Maps on the Territorial Expansion of the United States 1783-1898 and 1783-1853, United States after the Treaty of Paris : 1783, Native American Tribes, European Possessions Bordering the U.S., Louisiana Purchase : 1800-1803, Journeys of Lewis & Clark : 1804-1806, Jackson's Campaigns in Florida : 1818, Territory ceded by Spain : from 1810 to 1819, Texas : 1836, Oregon Country : 1843-1848, The War with Mexico: 1823-1846, Mexican Cession: Political Boundaries, Gadsden Purchase & Proposed Rail Routes : 1853, Alaska and Hawaii, Slavery Through 1860, Status of Slavery in Original 13 States, Cotton Production in the American South: 1790-1860, Slavery in the American South: 1790-1860, Slave Crops in the American South:, Legal Status of Slavery Through 1860, The Missouri Compromise : 1820, Compromise of 1850 : Status of Slavery, Kansas-Nebraska Act : 1854.
  • Aaron Burr and Territorial Mississippi
  • Pioneer Spirit
    Exhibit on women homesteaders in North Dakota. Then and Now (photo-essay), Jessamine Slaughter Burgum's diary of frontier life, telling the story of the land from 1863 through 1877. Pioneer Camera -- Fred Hultstrand captured the hard work and everyday courage of the pioneers.
    A number of secondary students studied women on the Ranch and produced a written report and video demonstrating the process, results and reflective thinking of the team.
  • America's West - Development & History
  • American West - European Emigration
    Focus on Swedish Emigration as "typical" of the period.
  • Images of the American West
    Loads of samples from the CD-ROM (from the National Archives)
  • The American Experience/Gold Fever
    Companion site for the PBS program. ABOUT THE PROGRAM | GREETINGS FROM THE KLONDIKE -- WHAT THEY BROUGHT ALONG | A brief teachers guide is currently online.
  • The Old Timer's Page
    The Ice House, Potting Meat, Salt Curing Meat Yeast Cultures for Bread Making, Making Bread in a wood burning oven, Making Butter, Soap Making, Building a Cistern, Building a Root Cellar, The Out House, Just for Fun - The Homestead House - Getting Electricity - Getting Water.
  • Polly Cooper Shawl - Oneida Indian Nation
    The suffering of George Washington's sick and starving army wintering at Valley Forge was relieved by an Oneida gift of corn organized by Chief Skenandoah. An Oneida woman, Polly Cooper, stayed to help the soldiers and to teach them how to prepare the nutritional and medicinal food.
  • Garfield Farm and Inn Museum
    Nice listing of prairie and farm history web sites.
  • Lone Star Junction: A Texas Almanac
  • Manifest Destiny
    A Bibliography of Web Resources on the History of the American West through the 1800's.
  • Crossing The Frontier
    Includes more than 300 images of the American West dating from 1849 to the present including Westward migration and the colliding of cultures in the American West, the growth of Western cities, the history of science and technology in the U.S., the Gold Rush.
  • New Perspectives on THE WEST
    Features a "Tour" of THE WEST (Multimedia guide to the eight-part documentary series), an interactive timeline (events from pre-Columbian times to the early twentieth century), an interactive map, a biographical dictionary of historical figures, primary resource materials (memoirs, journals, letters, photos and transcripts) and links to off site Internet resources. After browsing the site and viewing the series, PBS provides a test, puzzlers and an opportunity to comment via e-mail.
  • American Western Art
    Visit the Western art gallery for a video of the American Western art collection at the Rockwell Museum and see and hear how stories of the old west come alive.
  • America's West - Development & History
    Nice collection of links with some annotation to guide visitors. From the Frontier- and Pioneer days with the Wild West, to today's Modern West.
  • Chickasaw Historical Research Page
    Letters, treaties, diaries from the late 18th century on... An outstanding online collection of primary resource materials, much of it suited to K-12 applications. In a recent revisit (2/98) I clicked on A list of witnesses to be summoned in the case of the Choctaw Nation vs. John T. Pitchlynn, charged with the murder of Littleton Henderson Love. The basic information and testimony of the witnesses is online and could be used for historical simulations and one-act plays.
  • Welcome to At Home in the Heartland Online Home
    Artifacts, stories, and activities relating to the people who have settled in the nation's heartland over the last 300 years. Family life in Illinois from 1700 to the present.
  • Women in America
    Descriptions of gender roles and women's lives by foreign travelers in the US from the 1820s through 1840s. From the Democracy In America site, which should be on your top shelf list to visit.
  • A history of the NW Coast
  • Yellowstone Western Heritage Center
    The Spirit Lives: American Indian Traditions of the Yellowstone Valley. Information about the Crow and Cheyenne tribes of Montana targeted for the fourth grade level of study. "The site may serve as an introduction to American Indian culture, or it can be used as 17 separate units of study. Traveling through this site, the student can engage in creative, divergent and inductive thinking while learning historical facts about American Indian culture.
  • Costanoan-Ohlone Indian Canyon Resource Home
  • de Saisset Museum and Art Gallery
    Interesting current exhibit (through March 26, 1997) -- First Californians, by Edward Curtis. UPCOMING EXHIBITIONS -- Vision Quest: Men, Women and Sacred Sites of the Sioux Nation and Native American Stereotypes. Much later in 1997, Landscapes for the Homeless, The Heart Mountain Story: Photographs by Hansel Mieth and Otto Hagel of the World War II Internment of Japanese Americans.
  • Hair Pipes in Plains Indian Adornment
    "A Study in Indian and White Ingenuity." A great site to showcase the connections between Archaeology and American history. A current publication of the Smithsonian Institution Libraries' Home Page below.
  • American Frontiers Theme Page
    Assignment Discovery page for the past series. Useful information and activities, even if you do not have the classroom tapes.
  • PLAINS WAR 1876 Home Page
    Illustrated story of the Battle of the Little Big Horn.
  • Lacrosse - Oneida Indian Nation
  • Westward HO!
    Project site with (Westward Expansion/Oregon Trail) links to the topic. Be sure to see the Teacher Resources. Great site for ideas (although the actual materials are under copyright).
  • Mesas and Mammoths
    "How can a few spear points and other faint traces of the past tell the story of a people who lived nearly 12,000 years ago? A recent discovery on the remote northern slopes of Alaska shows how scientists, working much like detectives at the scene of a crime, study such scant clues to piece together the tale of America's first settlers. It also highlights the essential role of scientists in writing the earliest chapters of America's history."
  • Letters of a Woman Homesteader
    Turn of the century diary.
  • Pacific Northwest Railroad Maps
    Large maps depict the rise and (and demise) of the railroads on Oregon.
  • Exploring the West from Monticello: Home
    Maps from Columbus to Lewis and Clark. "...Examines the planning of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and the cartographic tradition that made the expedition possible. The exhibition shows the evolving views of the American continent and the "Passage to the Indies" as they appear in maps up to the Lewis and Clark Expedition. It focuses especially on the earliest cartographic representations of America and the Northwest Passage, the results of early expeditions to the Mississippi basin in search of a route to the Pacific Ocean, and the early exploration of the Pacific Northwest."
  • The Cherokee National Historical Society
  • Pony Express
    Slide type presentation (with large graphics) with some information. Good site for the younger students.
    Companion site to PBS's eight-part series." ["Empire Upon the Trails (1806-1848), The Speck of the Future (1848-1856), Death Runs Riot (1856-1868), The Grandest Enterprise Under God (1868-1874), Fight No More Forever (1874-1877)]. Tour THE WEST (Multimedia guide), Events in THE WEST (Interactive timeline from pre-Columbian times to the 20th century), Places in THE WEST (Interactive map of the territory and the times), People in THE WEST (Interactive biographical dictionary of historical figures), an Archive of documentary materials (memoirs, journals, letters, photos and transcripts) and links to Internet resources on the topic.
  • Tocqueville: Democracy in America
    Lecture notes.
  • US Political Thought -- Tocqueville
  • In Search of Tocqueville's Democracy in America
    Six sections including: A Biography of Tocqueville, a Chronology of his life, Who's Quoting Tocqueville, Tocqueville's American Journey, Quotes From "Democracy In America" and The French Connection.
  • The Donner Party
    Very comprehensive site, especially the listing of Other Donner Party Websites.
  • Institute of American Indian Arts Museum
    Interactive Art lessons about Native American art.
  • Native Americans
  • The Lost Silver Mine of Monument Valley
  • Native American Treaties Project
    Text copies of some of the most significant treaties between the United States and members of the famed Iroquois Confederacy.
  • Oneida Home.
  • Mountain Men and the Fur Trade
    Rocky Mountain region in the period from 1800-50.
  • Jonathan Alder
    Online book -- The Captivity of Jonathan Alder (1773-1849) and his life with the Indians as dictated by him and transcribed by his son Henry.
  • The Bonaparte Connection
    For teachers who might be interested in connecting the history of the US to events in Europe during and following the French Revolution.
  • The Mexican-American War Memorial Homepage
    TOC: The Dynamics of Confrontation, The Worlds in Conflict, Documents and Testimonies, The War Today.
  • "Inventing the Southwest"
    Links on westward migration, the Santa Fe Railway, the Fred Harvey Company and the effects these entities had on Native American populations.
  • American Indians: A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications
    Recently moved to a new web page.
  • Land Record Reference
    "How Land in the U.S. Was Acquired - Patents and Grants, Transferring Land - The selling process, Deed Books - What's in 'em, Surveying Units and Terms - Poles and Chains, Legal and Other Terms - From the common to the obscure, Two Types of Property Descriptions, Anatomy of a Metes and Bounds Deed, Sources of Deed Information, How To Get Copies of Land Records, Other Internet sites with Land Record Information."
  • Tecumseh History Page
  • Susan B Anthony House Home Page
    With links to other sites on the history of suffrage for women.
  • Western history and fables.
  • The Interactive Santa Fe Trail (SFT) Homepage
    History of the Santa Fe Trail (when? where? why? who? how?) and Exploring the Trail Today.
  • Acoma and Zuni Pottery
  • Living History Farms
    (Urbandale, Iowa) An open air museum dedicated to restoring the era of the Midwestern pioneer.
  • The U.S.- Mexican War, 1846-1848
    CONTENTS: Countdown to War, The War Breaks Out, The Occupation of New Mexico and the Conquest of California, Taylor's Greatest Victory, Scott's Invasion, The Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo, Some Interesting Facts.
  • Descendants of Mexican War Veterans
    Contains some data on the War. A Texas production.
  • Wichita, Kansas Western Heritage Tour
    A New Tour of the Old West.
  • Welcome to Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
  • Native Web
    This large site should be one of the first stops for information about Native American activities and resources.
  • NativeProfs directory
    This is an FTP site from Cornell.
  • Costanoan-Ohlone Indian Canyon Resource
  • Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
    "Many centuries before European explorers found their way to the western hemisphere, the Pueblo Indians of what is now New Mexico developed a distinctive and complex civilization. .. Today, after suffering disruption by gold-seeking Europeans, alien Indian tribes and Anglo-American westward expansion, the Pueblo people are settled in nineteen communities, some of which have been continuously inhabited since long before the discovery of America. After you browse this site, take a look at Mesa Verde National Park and take a virtual tour of the Pueblo site.
  • Bill's Aboriginal Links
    Links to Canadian, U.S., Mexican, Australian, New Zealand, International and Newsgroups. Also included are links to Aboriginal Arts, Cultural, and Human Rights pages. Part of Bill Henderson's Home Page.
  • Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum
  • Kansas Community Networks/Historical Directory of Kansas Towns
    Abilene, Chapman, Colby, Council Grove, Dodge City, Herington, Kansas City, Lawrence, Manhattan, Wichita.
  • Inlaw to Outlaw
    In-law to Outlaw: The Story of Matt Warne
  • Prehistoric People of the Kanawha Valley
    West Virginia.
    Excellent collection of Bibliographies.
  • The Kansas Heritage Server Home Page
    Site includes genealogical links, Kansas history, a page on gunfighters, and interesting links on Native Americans.
  • The Undiscovered Country
    Created by seminar members of Wilderness and North American Imagination Fall semester, 1994.
  • Great Lakes Regional American Indian Network
  • National Museum of the American Indian
    From the Smithsonian. See the "What's New" for recent additions.
  • Diario de Yucat�n
  • Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
    A most comprehensive listing of Native American resources on the Internet. Very well maintained and organized.
  • Pueblo Cultural Center
  • "Art of the American Indian Frontier"
    Created by Karen DeLeary and part of a series to produce Native cultural, historical, and language materials on the Internet. Purpose: "... to stimulate the development of culturally (sensitive & correct) relevant teaching/educational materials for Native k-12, Native community colleges, Native Studies, Native communities, and the general population of the World Wide Web."
  • The Cherokee's Homepage
    Wow!! The opening graphic is well worth the visit. Also includes links to Who and what are the Cherokee, Native American Indian art resources, history and nature pages.
  • NW Coast Indian History
    A history of the NW Coast.European/Indian contact on the Northwest Coast.
  • Wooden Canoe Heritage Association
    Devoted to preserving, studying, building,restoring and using wood canvas, cedar strip and birch bark canoes, and to disseminating information about canoeing heritage in North America.
  • Pocahontas for American Indian Students
  • National Museum of the American Indian
  • Illinois State Museum
    The Midwestern U.S. 16,000 Years Ago. See an animated gif of the last glacier.

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