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Test of English as a Foreign Language
Study Guides

Whether you are looking at ivy-league schools, private colleges, or state universities, you've found the right place to help you pass the TOEFL and get into the school of your choice. What ever university you choose, the competition is going to be tough and you are going to need whatever edge you can get. We can help.

We have compiled a complete list of the best TOEFL preparation tools currently available on the market. Just point and click on the books you would like to order. You will be taken to the corresponding site where you will find additional information about the book.

Cracking the Toefl 1998 (Book and Audio Cd) ~ by Liz Buffa, Laurice Pearson (Contributor), Princeton Review(Firm). Paperback - 384 pages Bk&Cd Rom edition (November 1997)
Princeton Review; ISBN: 0375750010 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.96 x 10.92 x 8.44

Barron's How to Prepare for the Toefl Test ~by Pamela J. Sharpe.   Includes an Audio Cassette - 656 pages 8th Bk&cst edition (August 1996) Barrons Educational Audio; ISBN: 0812084209 ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.72 x 12.79 x 9.85

Advanced Practice for the Toefl : Test of English As a Foreign Language ~by Michael A. Pyle   Includes an Audio Cassette - 267 pages 2nd Bk&Cs edition (July 1996) Cliffs Notes; ISBN: 0822020807 ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.23 x 8.48 x 5.42

Barron's Toefl Strategies : With Practice Tests ~by Eli Hinkel  Paperback 2nd Bk&Cs edition (April 1998) Barrons Educational Series; ISBN: 0764170422 ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.79 x 12.43 x 9.31

Cracking the Toefl Cat 1999 : With Sample Tests on Cd-Rom (Book and Cd-Rom)
~ by Princeton Review, Liz Buffa, Laurice Pearson  Paperback - 336 pages (October 1998) Princeton Review; ISBN: 0375752099

The Complete Guide to Toefl ~ by Bruce Rogers Audio Cassette (February 1997)
International Thomson Publishing; ISBN: 0838467938 A Five Star reader recommendation.

How to Prepare for the TOEFL (3 Cassettes) ~ Audio Cassette (1997) Barrons Educational Series; ISBN: 0812084229

Power TOEFL CDROM: For the Computer-Based TOEFL ~ by George, M. Rooks  CD-ROM (July 1, 1998)  Teletext Corporation; ISBN: 1893141004

Power TOEFL Grammar Review for PC : 50 Grammar Tests-2000 Questions (Tutorial with Grammatical Classification of Incorrect Answers)~ by George, M. Rooks Unknown Binding (January 1, 1998) Teletext Corporation; ISBN: 1893141020

The Toefl for Dummies (For Dummies) ~by Suzee Vlk  Book & Cd edition (January 1999) IDG Books Worldwide; ISBN: 0764551221

Toefl Preparation Kit, 1999 (Serial) ~by Patricia Noble Sullivan, Grace Yi Qiu Zhong
Paperback (September 1998) Arco Pub; ISBN: 0028624971

Toefl Review ~by Exam, College Entrance   VHS Tape Vhs Video edition (April 1998)
NTSC format (for use in United States and Canada only) University of Virginia; ISBN: 6302403359

Toefl Supercourse (4th Ed) ~by Grace Yi Qiu Zhong, Patricia Noble Sullivan  Paperback - 672 pages 4th edition (August 1998) Arco Pub; ISBN: 0028624874

Toefl Supercourse Preparation Kit (4th Ed)(With 3 Cassettes) ~by Grace Yi Qiu Zhong   Paperback 4th Bk&Cs edition (September 1998) Arco Pub; ISBN: 0028625153

Toefl, Test of English As a Foreign Language ~by Patrician Noble Sullivan, Grace Yi Qiu Zhong, International  Paperback - 456 pages 99 edition edition (October 1998) Arco Pub; ISBN: 0028624815

Toefl, Test of English As a Foreign Language, 1999 (9th Ed) ~by Grace Yi Qiu Zhong, Patricia Noble Sullivan Paperback - 448 pages (September 1998)
Arco Pub; ISBN: 0028624696


While the following books are not TOEFL study guides, we thought that you might find them both interesting and helpful. Enjoy!

Becoming a Master Student ~ by David B. Ellis. Usually ships in 24 hours. Most readers rate this book a five star read. This guide will help you study smart so you can excel in the university setting.

Don't Miss Out : The Ambitious Student's Guide to Financial Aid, 1998 (22nd Ed) ~ by Anna Leider, Robert Leider. Wondering how you're going to pay for school? Do you find that money runs out before the end of the semester? Then read this guide. This book contains loads of information on getting scholarships, grants, and loan sources that may help ease your financial burdens through school.

Essays that Worked : 50 Essays from Successful Applications to the Nation's Top Colleges ~ By: Boykin Curry, Brian Kasbar (editor). Stumped about how to write your application essay? Got writer's block? This book is a life-saver. This amazing collection of essays that worked is a great read and can inspire you to write your own phenomenal essay.

How to Write a Winning College Application Essay ~ By: Michael James Mason. Usually ships in 24 hours. An excellent 224 page guide that helps you bring out your own unique qualities in an interesting, original, and creative essay. Learn what the admissions officers are looking for.

How to Study ~ By Ronald W. Fry. A good basic guide for tips on how to study. This is not study tips just for a specific test, but excellent tips on how to improve your study skills in every class and subject.

Improve Your Memory (Ron Fry's How to Study Program) ~ By Ronald W. Fry.  Have a hard time remembering the facts and formulas you need to ace a test? Want to improve your memory? This book is for you. Get great tips on how to improve your memory...a trait that will help you throughout your life! Also available on audio cassette...perfect for listening in the car.

Improve Your Reading (Ron Fry's How to Study Program) ~ By Ronald W. Fry. Can you tell we really like this series? A five star reader's choice to help any student improve their reading skills.



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