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Graduate Record Examination

There are literally hundreds of GRE study guides currently on the market.   Here is the Studyworld selection representing what we believe to be among the best.

30 Days to the GRE (ARCO 30 Day Guides) ~ By: Rajiv N. Rimal, Ph.D., et al. If you don't have much time to study, make the most of every day! This concise guide provides 30 sections that can easily be worked in just a day or less. Lots of practice questions, answers, and the ever-important explanations.

Cracking the GRE CAT : 1999 with Sample Tests on CD-Rom ~ By: Karen Lurie.  Get the time tested test strategies of Princeton Review. Learn helpful tips. Get great review material and take samples tests on the CD-Rom included.  Don't want the CD-Rom? No problem. Just get the book.

Everything You Need to Score High on the GRE With Computer Adaptive Tests on Disk ~ By: Thomas H. Martinson. Usually ships in 24 hours. This 632 page guide packs quite a punch. Contains loads of study hints, great review material, test taking tips, and lots, lots more. Includes a 3 1/2" disk so that you can take practice GREs and simulate the test environment.  Or get the 1999 version with book and CD Rom, or just get the 1999 book version.

GRE Power with Tests on Disk By : the Cambridge Review, the New Power in Test Prep. Usually ships in 24 hours. This great 392 page guide gives you alot of the same information taught in the Cambridge Review's classrooms. Proven test taking strategies and tips, review material, and practice tests on a 3 1/2" disk are all included.

GRE Supercourse (5th ed) ~ By: Thomas H. Martinson. Usually ships in 24 hours. This voluminous 800+ page study guide provides a ton of bang for the buck. It's a tremendous study guide filled with practice tests, answers, and explanations. Learn how to increase your GRE score and get into the program of your choice.  Get the Study Guide AND Computer Adaptive Tests on Disk! For about $10 more, get a 3 1/2" disk which contains computer adaptive tests to help you simulate the GRE and improve your score.

GRE Verbal Workout ~ By: Yung Yee Wu. Usually ships in 24 hours. If analogies, reading comprehension, antonyms, and sentence completions makes your brain jello, try this study guide that is devoted to the verbal portion of the GRE. This study guide is loaded with sample questions and a solid vocabulary list to get you through this tough section.   And if you think this Verbal Workout isn't enough, why not add the GRE Vocabulary Set Flash Cards? This flash card series will get you through 750 of the most common GRE vocabulary words.

GRE-LSAT Logic Workbook ~ By: Mark Alan Stewart. Usually ships in 2-3 days. Sweating about the logic questions on the GRE? Relax. We've got the book for you need. This is a fantastic guide to help you through the tough logic questions. Filled with helpful hints, lots of practice questions, answers, and detailed explanations.

GRE-GMAT Math Workbook ~ By : David Stuart, Adele Scheele. Usually ships in 2-3 days. Has it been ages since you last worked a math problem like those on the GRE? This 352 page guide will help refresh your memory. You know you can do it and this Kaplan guide can help. Contains excellent tips, review, and explanations.

While the following books aren't study guides for the GRE, we thought you might find them interesting and helpful. Enjoy!

How to Study ~ By Ronald W. Fry. A good basic guide for tips on how to study. This is not study tips just for a specific test, but excellent tips on how to improve your study skills in every class and subject.

Improve Your Memory (Ron Fry's How to Study Program) ~ By Ronald W. Fry.  Have a hard time remembering the facts and formulas you need to ace a test? Want to improve your memory? This book is for you. Get great tips on how to improve your memory...a trait that will help you throughout your life!  Also available on audio cassette...perfect for listening in the car.

Improve Your Reading (Ron Fry's How to Study Program) ~ By Ronald W. Fry. Can you tell we really like this series? A five star reader's choice to help any student improve their reading skills.

Don't Miss Out : The Ambitious Student's Guide to Financial Aid, 1998 (22nd Ed) ~ by Anna Leider, Robert Leider. Wondering how you're going to pay for school? Do you find that money runs out before the end of the semester? Then read this guide. This book contains loads of information on getting scholarships, grants, and loan sources that may help ease your financial burdens through school.



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